Men’s Haircuts for 2023

Do you want to know Men’s Haircuts for 2023 ?

There are lots of new haircuts. So keep your eyes peeled to see if you’re on the bandwagon.

Flow Haircut

We usually use English names to refer to upcoming haircuts because the trends come a lot from abroad, right? It all starts abroad and then comes here.

The names may surprise and confuse you a little, but there’s nothing extraordinary about them for those who know a little English.

The haircut flow ou fluid is medium-length, curly or coily, very natural hair. It has no chemicals or finishers (like pomade, spray or anything else). It dries naturally and grows as it is. It’s barely combed. It’s very natural.

F*ckboy hairstyle

O fuckboy hairstyle is the bad boy’s hair. It’s the famous good guy, all supposedly “right”, but behind the good looks hides a very different guy.

This type of hair is well cut, with lots of hold (gel, pomade or spray). Flawless sides with a fade or completely shaved (undercut). The upper part, on the other hand, has a considerable amount of volume, like a well-made tuft without a strand out of place.

It’s like the rockabilly of the 60s, but with a more modern look.

Mullet style

I don’t think there’s a person who doesn’t know what mullets are. That hair style that was all the rage in the 80s.

You know how it is. Shaved sides, forming a strip of hair on the head. This strip has disconnected strands, no cuts, no chemicals, no fixatives and no combing. They are very free and loose. That volume at the back of the hair gives it a very distinctive style.

E-boy hairstyle

The hair of e-boy (a style that is very popular among tokers only ) it was obvious that it would be on our list. Parted down the middle, with sides and the nape of the neck lower than the bangs, this is the style of the e-boy.

Fluffy Hair

Just like E-Boy , o Fluffy Hair was also a hit on TikTok.

As the name implies, it’s a cut that leaves the hair “fluffy”. That is, with a certain amount of volume at the top and with very messy strands…In the “I just woke up and fixed my hair with my hands”style.

Colorful scraping

The wave of colored hair isn’t over yet. Now that we’re able to go on the road, it’s back in full swing. In a variety of colors (blue, green or pink) and very short.

Will you adhere to the new cuts? Or are you going to keep the same old cut? Tell us!

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