Men’s Oversized T-Shirt:How to Wear It in Your Outfits

Fashion is cyclical. We experienced the oversized trend in the early 2000s and then went through a decade where skinny and slim fit were the darlings…Now oversized is back in full force. Especially with the rise of looks inspired by street style.

And oversized T-shirts are an essential part of today’s fashion. An option that brings personality and comfort to your look.

How can you tell if it’s a good oversized shirt?

A good oversized T-shirt fits the body in a way that looks intentional and not sloppy.

It’s not about buying an XXL T-shirt for a M-wearer, but rather a model that has been designed for a M-wearer, with some parts of the garment being wider. Generally the shoulder line follows the pattern, but it’s not a rule.

The important thing is always to try the garment on and see if it fits the way you expect. The best way to find out whether or not it looks good on you is to try it on and look in the mirror.

Another point you should consider is the fabric. Prefer natural fabrics such as cotton.

How to Wear the Oversized T-Shirt

There are many ways to wear the oversized T-shirt in your outfits.

For those who still like tighter pants, the T-shirt can create a contrast, making the look more relaxed.

For those of you who like the “baggy everything”trend, it’s also a viable option. You can easily wear it with wide pants! Many people wear them with a T-shirt with the hem tucked inside the pants (which also looks good).

But you can wear it with shorts (sweatshirts, jeans, twill and the like), cargo pants, jogger pants, tailoring etc.

Overlays also look great…With shirts, jackets, hoodies and the like.

You can also wear oversized pieces (shirts, jackets, vests, etc.), or smaller ones! In the case of overlapping pieces with a conventional size, the oversized shirt will stand out in the look.

The important thing is to always take the color wheel into account and combine colors intentionally.

There’s not much to it. It’s a T-shirt like any other, just with a slightly wider fit.

Remember:It’s best to try it on and see if it suits your body. And also if it suits your style.

So, do you already wear oversized shirts?

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