Do you think it’s beautiful to be ugly? In fashion, YES!

What does it mean to be ugly in the first place? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, where is ugliness? Where does the nuance between beautiful and ugly end? The fine line between beauty and ugliness has intrigued Greek philosophers for a long time.

The rejected Balenciaga was responsible for bringing bizarre, and in a good way ugly, things back into fashion. Sunglasses, tote bags, baggy clothes that were absurdly larger than the body.

If we go further, we realize that Vivienne Westwood , Rei Kawakubo , Gucci e Yohji Yamamoto showed that it was beautiful to be ugly in fashion a long time ago.

And ugliness is dominating food with unstagrammable foods, beauty with smudged make-up, strange fashion shows and social networks with bizarre photos and videos.

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But as we’ve already said, it’s difficult to conceive what is beautiful or ugly…Beautiful in whose eyes? And wouldn’t that beauty plaster over beauty standards, create prejudice and even lead to lookism, more commonly known as “pretty privilege”when discussed from the opposite point of view –it’s discrimination based on physical appearance and affects those who fall short of the social norms of beauty.

Fashion has always focused on the thin, tall, Caucasian standard of beauty. That’s why what’s ugly today can be beautiful tomorrow and what’s not wearable today will be wearable tomorrow.

But what about something you find very ugly in fashion?

What's your reaction?

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