10 haircuts for serious men

Today we’re going to talk about haircuts for classic men. The kind of man who doesn’t go in for fads and prefers a cut that isn’t too innovative. It’s either all machine or all scissors. He doesn’t like a lot of stripes, gradients or anything that draws attention to his hair.

Some men, due to their personality, lifestyle, profession or age, prefer simpler haircuts without too much contrast or modernity.

Classic, sophisticated and smooth haircuts never go out of fashion. They have been on the minds of many men out there for decades. Once again we turn to a haircut specialist, Yáskara Niero from the salon Yáskara Cutting &Art who will tell you the best haircuts for gentlemen who like flattering and elegant haircuts, ideal for meetings, job interviews or closing a deal.

Quiff (Classic tuft)

Before we start on the subject, we know that it’s a topknot made with scissors and of medium length. Those done with the machine (too short) are too informal, and so are the long ones. The sides are always low, but also scissored.

Remember that the tuft is a universal hair style. Almost all men adhere to it.

The topknot goes well with wavy and straight textures and for men of all ages.

Crew cut

The crew cut is a short haircut. Also done with scissors, but combed all the way back, but very short.

Elegant and practical, the crew cut originated with rowers, who cut their hair like this so that it wouldn’t get in their faces during competitions. The crew cut is like that brush cut done in barbershops. It’s easy to maintain, leaves the face very clean and is sophisticated.

Slick back (smooth back)

Similar to the crew cute, but what changes is the length of the strands. In the crew cute, the strands don’t curl at all, but are turned upwards rather than backwards. Here, the hair is already so long that it falls back.

Very popular with men in the 40s and 50s and associated with the powers of Wall Street brokers in the 80s, today they have a more vintage aesthetic.

Side part (Penteado para a lateral)

The good boy’s haircut is this one. His hair is parted to the side.

Ideal for square, round and oval face shapes, this cut has no secret. It’s done with scissors and you just have to turn the fringe to the side. All you need is a pair of scissors, a comb and gel/ointment.

Hard part (or parte dura).

It’s basically the same as the previous cut (side part), but you’ll use gel or pomade all over your hair.

Ideal for men who enjoy impeccable hair without a strand out of place.

Always short and combed to the side, because it contains so much gel and/or pomade, it even forms a parting on the side.
The end result is very clean and impeccable.

Buzz cut

Ideal for men who don’t want to go to any trouble and like a minimalist look.

It comes from military heritage and looks perfect when the beard is in order. The only reason it doesn’t look good on people with round faces is because it accentuates their features even more.

Mid fade

The mid fade is like a middle ground between the quif and the pompadour. It’s a topknot that’s slightly tilted back. The sides and back are subtly turned inwards. It can be done with both wavy and curly hair.

It forms the ideal frame for the face.

Short back and side (topete para lateral)

Topknots are always welcome, as we’ve already said. As long as they’re short, they can be styled to the side. A slight slant adds charm and sophistication to the cut. It makes your face look longer and thinner.

High and tight (contrast when using the machine)

As we’ve already said here, we won’t have any contrast, but a comb of difference is tolerable, to the point where you can tell the top of the hair from the side. The top can be scissored, but the length differs little from the side.

Short afro

For black people, no more black power or flashy hair, the Barack Obama-style afro short cut. As well as being practical, it’s ideal for those who are classic.

It is discreet and leaves the face clean and tidy.

So, are there any classic guys out there who prefer these cuts?

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