3 ways to wear a plaid shirt

This is a piece that should be in every man’s closet. The plaid shirt is a wild card. Like the white T-shirt, jeans and other pieces, the plaid shirt is part of the wishlist, whether it’s for the most miserable or the most empowered man, from the pubescent kid to the most experienced guy. You have to have it and I’ll show you why.

Okay, I’m not anyone to tell you what you should buy or have in your closet. It’s just that it’s very important to be aware of the pieces you’re going to invest your money in, which is why versatile pieces are the most suitable. The plaid shirt is one of them.

Stylish, modern, versatile, easy to combine, you want more?

It is a garment that can basically be worn in 3 different ways:

1) At the waist:

First of all, if it’s hot or it’s only going to cool down in the evening, we won’t even wear the flannel shirt on our body. We’ll just tie it around our waist. It will serve more as a style accessory, a complement. You know that basic, half-baked look? Give it a boost with a plaid shirt around your waist. Cool down, put it on. Warmed up? Go back to the waist.

You know that music festival? So…It’s a masterpiece with a shirt tied around the waist.

2) On a T-shirt:

Often we want to improve our style and so we decide to wear a plaid shirt over another garment, in this case a T-shirt. Yes, that’s not unusual. But there are some clueless guys who put a super-printed T-shirt under a plaid shirt. The result:it doesn’t go together. It looks weird.

The shirt underneath should be basic and in a single color, preferably black or white. Sometimes you can take a risk and add a lighter shade of the colors that make up the plaid or a complementary color (but you have to be careful), so a white or black shirt is ideal.

3) As a single piece:

We don’t need an editorial to show you how to wear a plaid shirt. Easy to wear and match, it gives a modern, cool, grunge look. Until a few seasons ago, lumberjack fashion became a trend. It’s that look with jeans, big bearded boots and gradient hair. Very cool and modern.

The question of whether the button should be closed all the way (the English wear it a lot!) or with one (or a few) buttons open has to do with personal taste and style, nothing more.

It even goes with a tie!

If there was any doubt, there is no more. Let’s wear plaid!

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