5 Ways to Remove Blackheads from the Skin

Are you suffering from the dreaded blackheads on your skin, especially in the nose area?

Learn 5 ways to remove them in the best way:


Until recently, men only washed their faces with soap and water. To begin with, get out of the habit. And invest in a facial soap for oily skin and one that includes anti-blemish components such as salicylic acid.

As a general rule, only invest in men’s face washes (not ANY face soap). Unlike products intended for women, facial soaps for men don’t dry out the skin. So they’ll make it easier to get rid of dead skin cells and unclog pores!


You’d think that oil and dirt would produce blackheads. You’re wrong. More often than not, your own dead skin cells let you down and result in blackheads. So do yourself a favor and always exfoliate. But not every day.

Look for a good face scrub and use it in the shower at least three times a week.

3) Seek professional help or have a facial.

It’s not a girl thing and, if you’re honest enough, you’d admit that you’re thinking of having a facial. We get it, we’ve been there too. By the way, facials are refreshing, they prevent blackheads and, if you have them, they’ll help you get rid of them.

There are a million masks on the market for you to do this (basic) cleaning at home too, just get over your sexist pride and throw one in the baby carriage.

4) Non-comedogenic products, that’s all we ask for.

I’m not asking for much now, am I? Whatever your answer, we don’t care –we’re just helping you out here. The products non-comedogenic are specially designed not to clog pores, so we suggest you always read the label and make a conscious purchase.

5) You also need to hydrate yourself.

Daily moisturizing results in only one thing:healthier skin. And of course men want that, including you. Encouragingly enough, moisturizing (you need it, even if you have oily skin) also helps to improve the quality of your cells, so they don’t get stuck in another pore any time soon.

Follow these tips and we’ll thank you later!

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