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Father’s Day:Gift Tips for Every Type of Dad

We are here to help you with your friend’s gift, the your father . Some have one. Others have a mother who plays the role of father. There are those who have more than one (gay couple or biological father + affective father). It doesn’t matter!

Paternal love doesn’t choose gender, religion, age or social class. Love is love. A father is a father, no matter what his is like.

When Sonora Smart Dodd proposed, in the United States, the creation of a day dedicated to fathers in honor of her own father, William Jackson Smart, the world was no longer the same as it is today and how many people even one day had a male figure on their ID card and passed this date blank.

So our greatest gift is to respect and understand all the different types of parents. Father figure. Example of Respect. Inspiration. Motivation…Stepfather, grandfather, uncle or brother…The one who taught you the way and taught you a lesson. Love and affection. More than a gift, on the second Sunday in August, we hope you’ll make yourself present.

Message, call, hug or handshake. Open your heart. Father’s Day is a time to celebrate and express our love and gratitude.

Here’s the tip: Riachuelo is the one-stop-shop to give to the father figure, where you can find everything (clothing, accessories, footwear, perfumery, home, technology and much more). You’re sure to find a gift for your father there, both in the store and on the website.

And for those who want to go one step further, we’re going to give you tips on gifts for all kinds of dads.

Classic Dad

Not to close off the look, but older people are more classic. So if your father is older or if your grandfather is your father figure, let’s go for more formal pieces that are just as classic as he is. Tailoring, neutral tones, well-cut pieces and dress shoes. Timeless pieces that prioritize elegance and comfort. The classic wish list of a classic man.

List of Presenters:

White long-sleeved cotton men’s shirt ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s blue slim tailoring pants ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s social shoes with brown laces ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s analog watch GM10YP1X gold ( CLIQUE AQUI )

Sports Dad

Our favorite sport is seeing everyone happy and dressing well. There was no better move than to choose the ideal garment for that mega-fitness, wellness, sporty and athletic dad.

A good exercise is for you to get to know your father and know what he likes, but if you don’t know that your father is this “physical activity guy”, know that he will want comfort at all times. On his feet, sneakers. On his body, a T-shirt and shorts. Sweatshirt or sports fabric.

List of Presenters:

Men’s sports shirt in blue polyamide ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s jogger pants with gray pockets ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s sports sneakers with black cut-outs ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Tune T520BT blue headset ( CLIQUE AQUI )

Modern Pai

A modern father is a father connected to trends. A younger father perhaps. Gay dads. We’re not going to sew up styles and decode personalities. But this type of father is very open to trends, fashion and what’s hot.

It’s clear that he’s not afraid to go bold with prints. He knows his combinations and isn’t afraid to go bold with prints.

She doesn’t shy away from different, unique pieces and has a very youthful appearance. It gives a look to cool pieces. It could be the color magenta, which is on the rise. Cargo pants. A cool sneaker. Or even modern sunglasses. You’ll find it all at Riachuelo!

List of Presenters:

Men’s casual shirt floral preto ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s pink elastic short jeans ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s high-top sneakers with white stitching ( CLIQUE AQUI )
GO 3 Eco green bluetooth speaker ( CLIQUE AQUI )

Pai Minimalist

That father who likes the trivial beans and rice, opts for basic, simple pieces, without logos and discreet colors. And he’s very easy to please. On the other hand, this father, who is very easy to please, wears clothes that any other parent would wear, including his mother/father.

Good jeans, a basic T-shirt and sneakers. It’s minimalist and you can combine the pieces with different other outfits. There’s no one who doesn’t like it or doesn’t wear it.

List of Presenters:

Men’s regular textured black T-shirt ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s skinny jeans in light denim ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Tênis masculino casual miami preto ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Perfume masculino Golden Secret ( CLIQUE AQUI )

Pai Casual

Some dads are more casual. Not so classic, but not so modern. They opt for a good cotton shirt, twill pants, shoes like docksides and loafers.

Nothing happens by chance, so let’s take a suggestion that will suit another type of father, depending on his style.

A good men’s shirt will suit more than one occasion, more than one father and will suit different bodies, even out-of-shape dads. Twill pants and docksiders to round off a very casual look.

List of Presenters:

Green short-sleeved cotton men’s shirt ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Calça sarja moletom masculina slim bege ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s dockside shoes with brown topstitching ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s double bracelet silver | Accessori ( CLIQUE AQUI )

Pai Geek

This type of father is very attached to technology and electronics. He’s more of a dress code dad. He’s more basic, opts for everything more comfortable and for neutral colors. The defining piece is the sweatshirt.

List of Presenters:

Star Wars men’s sweatshirt in black ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s jogger sweatpants cargo pocket black ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s sock set 3 pairs white ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s tubular sports shoes black ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 4G Tela 8.7″ 32GB ( CLIQUE AQUI )

Pai Urbano

Some dads have a very streetwear style. Your father has a cooler style. She likes baggier, more stripped-down pieces, a cap, high socks. Skater, rocker or street style.

When we talk about urban style, we see a wide range of looks. From leather jackets to casual sneakers. But all these sub-styles within urban style want to see the world in a better and more stylish way.

List of Presenters:

Unisex round matte blue sunglasses ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s regular T-shirt short sleeve red ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s straight denim shorts ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Tênis Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Cano Alto Lona Preto ( CLIQUE AQUI )

Pai Agroboy

There are many fathers who are peasants, agroboy, farmers or cowboys. They all like a good pair of boots, a good watch, tight jeans and a good shirt.

Our suggestion here will be great for all kinds of parents. Check it out:

List of Presenters:

Men’s red plaid flannel shirt ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s black belt ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s skinny jeans dark denim ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s black leather chelsea boots ( CLIQUE AQUI )

Beach Dad

Here we can include the cool dad, the navy dad and the surfwear dad. As well as swimwear, they all go for light clothes, natural fabrics, tank tops, T-shirts, printed shirts and flip-flops.

The navy dad is a little more sophisticated and likes docksiders, a cotton shirt and twill shorts.

Here’s an idea for a look for a dad who likes the beach mood and being stylish at the same time.

List of Presenters:

Men’s Short Sleeve Florida Shirt Light Summer ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Bermuda jeans color green chino men’s ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Havaianas Top Strips Slipper ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Anti-oil sunscreen color 3.0 SPF60 40g ( CLIQUE AQUI )

Pai Fashion

This dad knows all about trends, fashion, style and how to be fashionable. Here you can wear a lot, look for fabrics that stand out, very colorful prints and very exotic pieces.

List of Presenters:

Men’s black stripe shirt ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s jeans slim destroyed medium denim ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Tênis Masculino Nike Lebron Witness 7 Colorido ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Men’s shoulder bag with adjustable straps in black ( CLIQUE AQUI )
Perfume Bottled Tonic Hugo Boss Masculino ( CLIQUE AQUI )

And look! Who we’re seeing here. Those who stayed until the end really love their father and want to pay tribute to him.
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