The 10 disadvantages of being a man

Women always complain about their disadvantages compared to men, such as menstruating, having to have children, shaving and so on. But what about our disadvantages? The AskMen website has created a list of the 10 main disadvantages of being a man . Check it out:

All over the place
Hair and fur everywhere. On the neck, on the back, on the chest. This varies according to the man and can sometimes be attractive or serve a purpose. The hair under the arms, for example, helps with sweating. But what’s the point of the hairs on your fingers or the little tufts coming out of your ear? And waking up early every morning to shave every day irritates even the most patient of men.

Random erections
One of the ironies of life is that when you’re young and virile, you usually get erections at any time, like in math class, for example. You don’t usually get to enjoy it as much. When you’re older and more experienced, you’re more likely to have sex, but it’s also more common for your body not to respond in the way you’d like.

It’s a rare moment when a man can forget that he has a pair of balls dangling between his legs. Surely you’ve agonized when he’s been choked or hit.

Bad sex is always the man’s fault
When it comes to sex, the pressure on men is disproportionate. For a start, it’s up to you to get an erection, which can be difficult depending on the level of attraction, your comfort, health and sobriety. So when we achieve this, is it our fault that sex is bad? Women can be bad in bed too.

Having to be careful with displays of affection
Sometimes it’s enough for a father to hold hands with his son or daughter or take his child for a walk in the park alone for some people to look at him suspiciously. As a matter of culture, many men end up being afraid of physical contact, such as hugging and caressing their own children, which isn’t fair at all.

Condoms help to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but they also become a worry. And often the responsibility of buying the condom, opening the package and putting it on is left to the man.

Live forums
Most of the time, it’s still up to the man to approach when it comes to flirting. It’s our job to say “hi”to a stranger and run the risk of being snubbed. If the short interaction in the bar, at the club or in the café is bad, there’s a great risk that you’ll be called a “stranger”, an “asshole”or other things that can affect male pride, reducing his chances of approaching another woman.

Having to be brave
Society expects you to avoid fights by staying calm and trying to find a peaceful resolution to a conflict. However, when the bully in the bar insults you or tries something against your girlfriend, there is an expectation that you will give up politeness. When in a situation like this, a man has two choices:fight and be considered violent or don’t fight and be considered a coward.

Being slapped in the face
Seeing a man slapped in the face isn’t very unusual. When people see a woman hitting a man in the street, they usually don’t think about how bad it is to resolve an issue in such a violent way;instead, they usually think about what he did to deserve it.

The pain of being hit in the groin
It happens in a split second and lasts only a few minutes, but they are filled with unbearable pain and lead to dozens of swear words and disturbing thoughts that you will never be able to have children again.

So, which disadvantage would you add to the list?

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