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How to track your boyfriend’s cell phone –practical guide

There are various issues that can trigger the desire to track someone’s cell phone. Whether it’s for women who want to increase trust in their relationship or even for those looking to increase security. Whatever the intention, mSpy makes it possible for you to stay on top of everything and have total visibility!

Cheating checklist:signs that he’s cheating

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, there are some signs you can look out for. According to statistics, men are more likely to cheat than women. Brazil is the country with the number one ranking for cheating on social media, which is perhaps a concern. app to track boyfriend’s cell phone may be necessary. Here are some of the signs that may indicate a betrayal:

  1. Changes in behavior if your partner’s behavior has changed drastically for no apparent reason, such as becoming distant or cold;
  2. Cell phone protection if your partner starts acting protective of their cell phone, such as hiding it or password-protecting it;
  3. Routine changes checking for unexplained changes in routine, such as coming home late regularly or being absent frequently;
  4. Decreased sexual interest if there is a sudden decrease in physical intimacy and sexual interest.

If you want to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you, try tracking his location. The following methods are designed to help you.

Location tracking (best apps + free method)

When looking for an excellent location tracking service, there are two that are particularly practical and complete. So, if you want a simple, easy-to-use application that allows you to track and monitor activity on mobile devices, we’ll go into more detail about mSpy, Eyezy or the simpler Google Maps method.

Option 1 –mSpy

mSpy differs from other options on the market. This is because it includes options for the operating systems of the cell phones on the market. Remember that, unlike other methods of how to track my boyfriend by his cell phone number It is undetectable. See below for a step-by-step guide to installation:

  1. Sign up on the official website mSpy and register under “Try Now”;
  2. Select the system The phone to be monitored is Android or iOS;
  3. Buy a subscription Choose a monthly, quarterly or annual package and click on “Buy now”;
  4. Instale or mSpy Next, you just need physical access to the cell phone you want to monitor and follow the installation instructions sent to your e-mail.

In addition, mSpy is not just a location tracker, but has a number of features that can help. We can mention, for example, a screen recorder, an invisible call recorder, recording of the environment around the target cell phone, a keylogger and many other features.

Option 2 –Eyezy

Eyezy stands out because you don’t need to install an extra app on your phone or on other people’s phones to use it. This is because its only feature is the how to track boyfriend’s cell phone quickly and easily.

The web version is accessible from any browser. After creating an account or logging in, users can access the location simply by entering their phone number.

Option 3 –Google Maps

In order to find out how to track a cell phone remotely However, it does have a “location sharing”feature via GPS. But to do this, the account must be linked to the device to be tracked, making the process more difficult and less likely to succeed.

This means that the user must have full access to the partner’s cell phone, as the Google account must be added to the device. All that’s needed is for the user to accept a certain option on their smartphone.

Final considerations

It can be concluded that mSpy and Eyezy stand out as the best options for tracking your partner. Alternatively, Google Maps may also be an option, but it is more limited. Therefore, certain apps provide the security and usability needed to track your partner with peace of mind.

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