Color Psychology in Fashion:What the color of your clothes conveys!

As we all know, colors transmit sensations . And in fashion, this knowledge can be very useful, especially if you want to be able to convey sensations according to your needs.

That is, if you’re going for a job interview, a specific color might be better for that occasion, while if you’re going on a date with someone you want to win over, another color might be better.

And everything will depend on “feeling”you want to convey to the other person .

There are several scientific studies that show how colors react in people’s brains .

Generally, reactions are similar in different people, which is why there is a table that shows which are the main colors and their effects on the brain . Check it out:

This infographic is also interesting about the color psychology :

The next time you choose your look, it’s worth thinking about what you want to convey with your choice.

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