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MPH Interview:Gustavo Arona, the Rio PR man who takes care of celebrities and designer brands in Rio de Janeiro

For those who don’t know, digital P.R. is the guy who connects influencers and brands. He puts artists, personalities and celebrities together at events.

In the fashion world, he is an extremely important figure due to his proximity to designers, journalists, influencers and content creators.

Carioca Gustavo Arona, as well as always being in the global spotlight, has been one of the main names in public relations in Rio de Janeiro.

Arona, who began his career as a nightclub promoter, was once responsible for the guest list at Casa Sephora, a parallel event to Rock in Rio, which brought together singers, influencers, journalists and other big names in fashion.

“Signing the guest list for a cool party, for a famous brand, or inviting people to that international concert, or a box at Sapucaí, were the events that promoters were most often hired to do!!!. But at that time, events in Rio de Janeiro took place from Monday to Monday, and the names of promoters were much more popular in Rio’s circles.”says Gustavo Arona.

The 38-year-old R.P from Rio de Janeiro was part of this nostalgic moment in Rio de Janeiro, and was responsible for putting on memorable events, such as inviting superstar Beyonce to her first concert, which she performed twice at the old HSBC Arena in Barra da Tijuca / RJ.

At the time, people (VIP guests), actors, actresses, models were interested in going to events, to see that cool show, enjoy that cool party or even take home the famous barter deals that brands gave away at their openings.

“It was without internet, without social networks, without followers…Today we think about how we could live without apps or WhatsApp. We lived well, and the responses came much faster, says Gustavo, who at the time carried a telephone line and a radio set from a famous brand. ”explains Arona, who lived through the transformation of the Rio scene.

With the internet age, many things have changed. Today, we can say how much it can hinder or help professionals. It’s easier and less laborious for digital PR people to decide together with the client what the ideal profile is for a social media presence, campaign or advertisement. It’s all there in front of your face, you just have to open your cell phone,”Arona told MPH.

Arona also says that R.Ps can count on those clients or professionals who love the old work, “VIP presence makes all the difference, it’s more glamorous to have someone important at a party or event, unlike the strategy that is widely used today –which is publipots.”

Gustavo was able to go through all these changes very well, and today he heads G Office Access, a Public Relations and Press Office that works with intermediation between brands and people, as well as advisory services.

The main focus nowadays is to meet customer expectations through the varied pieces on the market.

Gustavo revealed exclusively to MPH that he will be on the guest list for model Nicole Bahls’Arraíá in August. Without revealing too much about the event, Gustavo was super excited, because the event is promising.

After years in the market, Gustavo has forged links with global players such as Márcio Garcia , a Vanessa James e a Tais Araújo and even with us at MPH, because he invited us to Casa Sephora .

He’s also been through other embarrassing situations. Gustavo told us that once a global actress on his list, who was doing a soap opera, went to a motorcycle event and after taking photos on one, demanded the bike for herself, which left him in a difficult situation.

To find out more about Gustavo Arona, follow him on social media.

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