Men’s beret:How to wear it, looks and inspiration!

We’ve received a few emails from readers asking for tips on how to wearing berets you will be devem actually use them.

I have a friend who wears berets during the summer and also in winter faça rain or faça sol . And that makes people a little strange, because the “common”way of wearing berets is during the winter .

But don’t fall for it, berets can be used in summer Yes! In fact, they’re not so different from bonés that we all like to wear on a daily basis.

Berets are a great option for complementing classic look It goes perfectly with pieces such as: vest, shirt, blazer etc.

They can be found in fabrics such as wool, twill, polyester and much more. And their textures vary greatly, from the most basic to plaid and/or embellished.

Important tip :If the beret is large, use always covering the ears . Otherwise you’ll be left with “ floppy ears “. And I’ve seen this a lot on the streets.

To inspire you, check out some photos of looks with berets:

Experience it!

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