Men’s caps:The types of caps and their differences

Although its function is to protect the face from the sun, today the cap is used as a stylish accessory, matching every moment of the day, rain or shine.

It’s an accessory that complements your style, bringing an urban and youthful touch to your look.

Check out the most common types of caps and their differences:


It’s the most common cap and suits all styles. It has a back adjustment It is usually made of plastic and has a rounded, deeper “box”.


This model is similar to the Snapback The big difference is that it is adjusted to the size of the head in leather or fabric or some other type of material.


It has a model reminiscent of those used by baseball players . It has a curved brim and a classic shape.


The main feature of this model, which is called “truck driver”The reason for this is that the back is made with a nylon mesh, which ensures greater ventilation for the scalp.

Dad Hat

As the name implies, it refers to the caps worn by the “pais”. There are classic models, like the Beisebol It has a more rounded top, but its trademark is that it is more unstructured (very soft).


What sets this model apart is its contemporary design, marked by the use of five fabric panels . The front is well marked, usually where you put the brand or a different print.

Curved brim / Straight brim

Some are marked by the CURVE ou RETA . The curved-brim cap protects the face from the sun and is best for thinner faces. The straight-brimmed cap is the most famous in the world. streetwear and leaves the face completely exposed.

So, which model is your favorite?

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