How to dress well after 50

We’re getting older, guys…Every minute of every day. It’s part of life and there’s nothing we can do about it!

But that doesn’t mean we have to give up on having a good appearance . That’s why we’ve created a quick and easy guide to style for men over 50 , along with a good explanation of why we should still care about our appearance.

The bright side of fifty years…

Half a century of life is something to celebrate!

We know that the fashion and style options for older men can seem very sparse. We often see men over 50 wearing baggy, ill-fitting jeans combined with running shoes.

But you don’t have to leave the house like that!

It’s worth asking yourself:What would George Clooney be wearing today?

And not just because he has a lot of money, but because he has style and GOOD TASTE!

Another celebrity who could be a style reference is Brad Pitt. Yes, he’s 58!

Just by taking these two great movie stars as a reference, you can see the the importance of caring about your appearance as well as the aesthetic care you need to take into account.

They certainly don’t just splash water on their faces when they wake up and shave with soap.

Beauty products are your allies!

If you haven’t bothered to use beauty products until now, now is the time. Better late than never!

It’s important to find out what your skin type is and look for suitable products to use every day.

The minimum you should use is a good moisturizer anti-aging . These cosmetics are known for their “anti-aging”This helps to combat the effects of time, reducing or preventing wrinkles and signs of ageing.

It’s also worth remembering the importance of always using sunscreen, which will prevent spots, skin ageing and, above all, skin cancer (which is one of the biggest risks for Brazilians).


There’s no point in dressing well if you don’t have a good-looking face.

That’s why, in addition to using cosmetics to help moisturize and protect your skin, you should also consider the health of your teeth. Are they too yellow? Are they misaligned? Are any teeth missing?

It’s time to see a good dentist and give your teeth a facelift. You’ll see that it will help you look even better. And even your confidence! I know many men who don’t even like to smile because they’re not happy with their teeth.

Let’s change the game!

Fashion Tips for Fifties!

To repeat what has already been said:get away from baggy jeans and running shoes. That’s the first commandment!

Opte por classic sneakers (sneakers only in a single color, such as white, brown or black), docksides , sapatos , mocassins , bot e afins. Running shoes, only if you’re going to exercise.

Look how good an “experienced”man looks wearing a beautiful men’s boot :

Another thing to avoid are very youthful pieces…T-shirts with fun prints / phrases / giant brands, short, well-fitting shirts, shirts with very deep collars, destroyed pants (with rips and very marked washes), etc.

It’s time to be more serious (and even more stylish!). It’s worth remembering that minimalist fashion has been a major fashion bet for the next decade. Even young people are going for it!

But that doesn’t mean you only have to wear a shirt or polo shirt…A basic T-shirt can be your ally! Underneath, straight jeans or shorts, or a pair of twill or chino pants are perfect.

Here’s a good reference with men wearing basic pieces and nice white sneakers:

But if you want to follow a more classic style, then opt for linen shirts or more basic shirts, striped (vertical), plaid… Basic polo shirt only! By no means dare to wear polo shirts with giant numbers, screaming logos, thick horizontal stripes and the like.

The basics are the best choice in all options, especially for those over 50.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use color. Wear classic, basic pieces, but go for color too! Especially if your hair is already white…Colored pieces can help you stand out.

The great asset:well-chosen and aligned pieces!

You can wear the most basic and classic of fashion, but if you don’t know how to choose the right pieces, your look will go down the drain…And for those who already have a few years on their account, this bad choice can weigh even more heavily.

That’s why, opt for more fitted pieces. .. No leftover fabric (in pants, shirts, suits and the like).

Look at the difference between a model wearing a badly chosen suit and one that’s more suited to her body:

See how a good choice makes all the difference?

This is notorious when you go to a wedding. Usually older men end up wearing whatever the woman chooses (there’s still that! lol). If you want to get away from the stereotype of the “Little Uncle”in the family, it’s time to show that you know a bit more about fashion.

Well-fitted pieces with no leftover fabric are the right choice!

So, which side of fashion do you want to be on?

If it’s on the right, you’ve understood our tips.

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