How to lacquer a new pair of sneakers:5 sure-fire techniques

Have you bought a new pair of sneakers and feel they’re too tight? There are a few techniques for lacing a sneaker without having to wear them for long. Learn 7 foolproof techniques for lacing up a new pair of sneakers:

1. Use them at night

If your sneakers are a bit uncomfortable, try wearing them at home. Sometimes a few nights doing this can soften them up to the point where they feel good.

Let your feet rest before trying this method, especially if it’s hot outside or if you’ve walked a lot that day (this is because feet tend to swell).

Try to walk only on carpets or carpeted surfaces, so that you can still give your shoes a new look (if you think about returning them).

2. Thick socks and a hairdryer.

One technique for lacing sneakers is to use a hairdryer and thick socks.

Put on a pair of thick socks and put on your sneakers. Then apply the hairdryer for 20 to 30 seconds to the areas that are tightest. Use medium heat and keep the hairdryer moving so as not to over-dry or burn the leather.

If you have one at home, apply a leather moisturizer to your sneakers after using this method.

3. Frozen bag with zipper

This method works best with non-leather shoes.

Fill a zippered bag partially with water. Place the partially filled bag inside the shoe. Try to arrange it so that it is close to the tight spots.

Now place the shoes with the bag in the freezer overnight. The water will turn to ice and expand, providing a personalized stretch for the shoes

4. The peeled potato trick

Peel a potato and mold it into the shape of the toecap of your shoe (the front of the shoe). Dry the potato with a paper towel and place it inside the shoe overnight. This method can provide a good amount of stretch.

5. Sprays and reaming liquids for shoes

There are various products, sprays or liquids, that can widen shoes (made of different materials). Spray or apply to the tight areas and put on the shoes with a thick sock.

Choose one of these techniques and try it out. Let us know if it worked!

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