The ideal beard for every face type

Hello? What do you mean? Types of beard for each type of face? Don’t I understand?

For me, a beard is a beard. Some have it. Others don’t. Hair is born and I do with it what I want. Pow, respect my history. You want to teach me how to shave now? Something so simple.

I’d never heard of beard types for each type of face. I didn’t understand a thing.

Dude, take it easy. Let your head warm up later, or rather your face, when you put on the hot towel to shave properly. Just read on, we’ll explain everything:

We’re in the age of barbershops and barbers have increasingly sharp hands, but…Few are visagists.

What is visagism, anyway?

Visagism is the art of creating a personal image that reveals a person’s inner qualities, according to their physical characteristics and the principles of visual language (harmony and aesthetics), using make-up, haircuts, coloring and styling, among other aesthetic resources.

It sounds silly, but it’s not. Visagism makes your face more symmetrically harmonious and enhances the good parts by devaluing the less favored parts.

In short, few barbers are visagists and have this notion of symmetry to be able to indicate the best type of beard for their client’s face, but it makes all the difference. You bet.

We, who are not visagists or anything, know how important this is and we’re going to help you choose the best type of beard for your face in a simplified way.

First step:identify your face type.

There are seven face types:oval, rectangular, triangular, round, heart, square and diamond, which we’ve already talked about here (read more).

If you have any doubts, hiring a specialist (visagist) is the best option.

Step two:the ideal beard for your face type.

Rosto Oval

The oval face is always more versatile. It goes well with different types of beard. But the classic model is the one that best suits this type of face. A classic beard is one whose shape is square at the jawline, lower at the sides and the cheek line is well defined.

Rectangular face

The rectangular face is already more elongated than normal, so those with this type of face should avoid a very long beard, as it will elongate the face even more.

A pointed beard also increases the length of the face, so never!

For this type of face, it’s recommended to leave the bulk on the cheeks. This makes the face more symmetrical because all the attention is on the jaw and reduces the emphasis on length.

Triangular face

The secret for this type of face is to reduce the emphasis on the chin (which is very striking). Therefore, you should shave normally and leave the moustache larger than the rest of the beard, drawing all the attention to it.

Round face

The round face already has large proportions, so you can’t relax when it comes to shaving. You do have to take care of it and you can’t let it grow on its own without maintenance. Otherwise you’ll look like a cookie.

You should use a smaller comb in the cheek area, leaving the chin more accentuated, creating the illusion that your face has become longer.

A long, pointed beard can help elongate your face.

Face Heart

For this type of face, we should make the moustache and chin a little larger, emphasizing this area. This will give the area depth and volume.

Square Face

Far be it from us to delimit anything, but the square face is considered the standard of male beauty.

The key here is to slightly round off the outline, as very straight, sharp lines will accentuate your features too much (it doesn’t look good).

To achieve this, lower the cheekbone a little and gently maintain the side lines.

Rosto Diamond

With this type of face, it’s also important not to leave the beard too long. It is advisable to always opt for a trimmed and defined beard. The most that can happen is that the cheeks become fuller.

It’s easy, it’s simple. There’s no mistake. DIY (Do it yourself). Let’s always use resources to improve. Because you can never improve too much. And you can always improve more and more.

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