Cluttercore:A chaotic aesthetic!

Cluttercore ou “weird aesthetic”in Portuguese became a tag on TikTok Everyone is talking about it in the fashion magazines. But it seems very strange to me that the trend is only being talked about for women. It’s really strange to see that the websites themselves feature compositions for women, how to put together outfits, which pieces, when the trend is general.

All together!

Cluttercore is nothing more than the aesthetics of chaos. Taking several different pieces and mixing them together. Cluttercore fashion preaches free and experimental fashion, without combinations.

The patterns are exaggerated. There are mixtures of prints that don’t fit together. Sometimes pieces with very strong colors are placed in the middle of these prints. You could throw in a sequin. Crazy, disorganized and chaotic. This fashion trend is characterized by the use of vintage clothing, floral prints, plaids, polka dots, stripes, as well as overlapping and mixing pieces from different styles and eras.

Chaos has set in during the pandemic.

The cluttercore trend was born with everyone at home, wanting to be freer and wearing whatever they wanted. During the pandemic, there was no need to worry about combinations, looks or trends. That’s when everyone felt free to dress however they wanted. In the midst of chaos, chaos fashion was born.

Looks that scream!

Loud, howling and screaming in Quiet Luxury’s face. If on the one hand the quiet, discreet and minimalist goes very smoothly and unnoticed, on the other hand the cluttercore screams in the face of those who see it. Personality, exuberance and attitude are the words that define it.

Carlinhos Brown on ‘The Voice +’[Photo:João Miguel Júnior/Globo]

Are you out of your mind with so much information? Then you’ve understood what cluttercore is.

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