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Style Tips for Chubby Men

If you’ve put on a few extra pounds and find it difficult to find fashionable clothes, check out our style tips for chubby men . Your problems in this regard are over!

Wear clothes that fit you

We recommend that you always wear clothes that fit you. Many guys prefer baggy clothes to disguise their excess weight. But this only makes the bulge worse and makes your silhouette look bigger.

On the contrary, clothes in your exact size don’t leave any leftover fabric and fit your body better. However, be careful with parts fit These are tighter and may not look good on you.

Prefer vertical stripes

Horizontal stripes do not favor the chubby men especially if the guy is also short. They stretch out your shapes, giving you the feeling that you’re even rounder.

Prefer vertical stripes, which elongate the silhouette and make you look slimmer. However, vertical stripes that are too wide are also not recommended.

Wear a belt around your waist

The belt is to be adjusted at the waist, where the waistband of your pants will be. It’s horrible when a guy adjusts his belt on his stomach It strangles you. It’s even worse if you wear pants below the waist, when your legs look smaller. This shortens the silhouette and won’t look good on you.

So, from now on, pants and belt only at the waist, okay? It stays on the hip line, neither above nor below.

Wear monochromatic clothing

Overweight men So that you can look fashionable without spending too much and feel good, another tip is to wear clothes (pants, shirt, jacket or blazer) in just one color. Black is the best color for monochrome, because it slims the silhouette, but gray and navy act in the same way. Wear them together too.

When you don’t wear just one color, at least avoid too great a contrast in tone between the top and bottom, as this splits the silhouette in half. The tip here is to choose pants that are darker than the shirt. The opposite draws attention to your legs, making you look shorter than you are.

Pay attention to prints

If you like prints, watch out for them! You can even have printed pieces, but prefer small designs (floral, plaid, thin stripes or small geometric figures). Avoid large or flashy prints These make your torso look bigger and wider.

Use risca de giz

If you like social clothes or need to wear them from time to time, the tip is to wear a suit with a chalk stripe print to overweight men . The fine stripes make your silhouette look longer, as well as providing sophistication to a classic model

Be careful with thin fabrics

Thin fabrics are the most dangerous for those who have put on a few extra pounds, as they mark out the silhouette and show fat. If they are too thick, they enlarge it. The tip is to wear clothes with structured fabrics such as denim shirts. They make the belly look more even.

Adopt the V or U collar

When buying T-shirts, prefer those with V- or U-shaped collars It elongates the silhouette. The tip is even more valid for those with chubbier chins or necks, attracting other people’s attention to their chests.

Prefer a three-button blazer

When ordering your pinstripe suit, ask for your blazer to come with three buttons, overweight men . This will elongate your figure and make you look taller. Leave the top button open to help you move.

And don’t worry, the model remains a classic and is just as elegant as a two-button blazer.

Don’t fill your pockets

Yes, I know that many men don’t like carrying a bag or backpack, but stuffing your pockets with lots of objects can make you look bulkier. Avoid carrying headphones, wallet, cell phone, keys, etc. in your pants. . if they stand out in the outfit.

Buy straight-cut pants

The ideal pants for overweight men are straight, creating proportion to the body. Models such as skinny or too tight will make you look like a drumstick!

But, of course, it’s worth adjusting so you don’t have any leftover fabric at the end of the pants.

The use of accessories

Yes, you can (and should) wear scarves, which take the focus off your belly. But you’ll only look good if they’re worn casually, without being tight around the neck.

Choosing shoes or sneakers

It may not seem like it, but even the choice of footwear affects your look. Men with a few extra kilos should preferably buy wider, sturdier shoes and sneakers, which give them a uniform look.

Shirts tucked into pants:yes or no?

You can be stylish if you’re overweight, It is permissible to wear a shirt outside your pants if you don’t look like a sheet. This means that you should opt for your exact size, with a hip-length hem. You can even leave a button open at the top to elongate the neck.

Key tips

Overweight men Don’t say that you can’t be stylish because you are (or are) fat. As you can see, it is possible and not that difficult to be fashionable. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear certain clothes because you’re fat:what matters is that you feel good.

Speaking of which, we have another fundamental tip:accept yourself as you are. Even if you’re not happy with your weight and are aiming to lose weight in the near future, at the moment you’re fat and you have to deal with it. So these tips are useful for you now.

Accept your ideal size, follow the style suggestions for overweight men and go for your weight loss goal. When you’re thinner, if you want to, you can buy new clothes.

And be careful:it’s advisable to be fit in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent illness. But if you focus too much on losing weight, you could fall into depression. Accept yourself as you are and be stylish the way you are. It’s possible!

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