SURFCORE on the rise with Resort and Cruise collections

The surfer mood was born in the 1980s with its own style of getting into the wave: preaching sustainability, healthy eating and its own way of dressing and grooming. In Brazil, it’s even part of many people’s lifestyle due to the climate and territory.

To talk about the sea, the beach, nature and warmth is to talk about two great cities that unite style, fashion and lifestyle: Rio de Janeiro and California.
Ah Rio sells the carioca style of being with many brands: such as Kenner, Cantão, Redley and Farm most of their collections are based on surfewear.

With surfing becoming an Olympic sport in 2020 and with Gabriel Medina and Maya Gabeira the country would be swallowed up, especially in the coastal regions, by its own way of getting on the bandwagon.

But today we’re going from surfecore that comes from outside by virtue of collections resort e cruise .

No one wants to get cold feet around here when it comes to fashion. So we’d better get on the bandwagon and talk about this hot trend so you can choose the right pieces to cool off.

First of all, for first-time surfers, understand that resort or cruise collections (which are the same thing) are mid-season collections. They take place after the sales of the Outono/Winter and before Spring/Summer . Basically, these are more commercial pieces designed to appeal to those who go on vacation during the European summer.

A Louis Vuitton had Neoprene as the main material for its resort collection 2024 e o surfecore was the central theme of the collection.

A Gucci also incorporated pieces from that beach, such as sunglasses and surfer shorts. The Chanel incorporated beach elements such as coconut trees and sunsets into his pieces. A Balenciaga used the surfers’ overalls as the main pieces.

Swimming trunks are now no longer underwear and are now part of outfits mixed with surfer shorts. Among the tank tops, shirts, sneakers and flip-flops are very characteristic. The prints are reminiscent of water, the beach, the sea and the sun, as well as beach elements.

Sometimes jeans find a place among comfortable looks (cotton, neoprene and other natural fabrics). The finishing touch is stylish sunglasses and hats.

Every season is a season for enjoying yourself and taking it easy with surf-style pieces. But tell me, is this your thing?

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