The 10 Commandments of Style

In the beginning, it was beauty. Over time, man has adapted to changes in appearance, making concessions according to the time, the region where he lives, his age and, of course, his personal tastes. Some Basic Laws However, they remain (and should remain) almost unchanged when it comes to men’s fashion.

Check out the rules that guarantee a one-way passport to the Paradise of Style:

I –You’ll bet on casual

Naturalness is the key word to start a journey towards good visual taste. Observing the tone of each occasion, don’t be afraid to dress in the way that suits you best –prioritizing comfort and balance.

II –You’ll wear a suit

In some cases, however, wearing a good suit makes all the difference to a sophisticated look. Wearing them every day can be tiring, but even the least adept will notice that, over time, the elegant habit will become increasingly pleasurable.

III –Terás um Relógio

An absolute classic, the accessory is an indispensable item for anyone who wants to attract admiring glances. Again, it’s worth looking at the type of setting before choosing the watch that best suits you. Sporty models should not be worn to gala parties, just as dressy ones should not be worn while jogging, for example.

IV –You’ll remember your glasses

The second accessory on the list confirms that the face can gain clearer contours when combined with sunglasses (or prescription glasses, if necessary) that reveal and exalt beauty.

V –You’ll get the shoes right

Classic shoes almost always go down well, but every now and then a more stylish pair of sneakers or even a pair of sneakers that aren’t too flashy can solve the whole look –especially the cooler ones.

VI –You shall style your hair

Everyone has a favorite cut and hairstyle, and when done well, they usually work. Using products (both for hygiene and styling) is recommended to enhance the look.

VII –You will take care of your skin

Previously ignored by most men, cosmetics are gaining more and more ground among them. Skin care, for example, is always at the top of their priority lists –and dermatologists are grateful.

VIII –Cultivarás a Barba

A style that has evolved over time, practically from prehistoric times to the Millennial generation (currently between 20 and 30 years old), the beard finds a captive place in the modern man’s menu of style options. From close-cropped to full, from goatees to the Wolverine look, they are present and will continue to be for an indefinite period of time, adding an extra charm.

IX –You’ll be surprised by the perfume

In the right measure, a good perfume is also a great ally. In many cases, it’s what makes a man truly unmistakable among his peers. Fragrances and essences have the power to enhance style.

X –You will be who you are (really)

Rules aside, it’s always best to bet on what’s good for your self-esteem to build the ideal look. If, in addition, the “commandments of style”are taken into account, the chance of rocking it is 100%!

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