Which colors go best with your skin tone?

Color is a serious matter, and you wouldn’t believe it. So much so that there are professionals specializing in this area, ready to identify the best color palette for you (we’ve already talked about Personal Coloring por here ). Be it hair, beard, clothes or accessories. IT MAKES A LOT OF DIFFERENCE!

I understand that not everyone appreciates them as much as they deserve. If even women don’t, what about men? After taking the Image Consulting course with Master Taleb (Alexandre Taleb, “papi”as Gui says, lol) I found Jesus and changed my life in relation to colors.

And it’s amazing how everything changes. You look at people and immediately realize:putzzzz that blonde hair (especially) doesn’t suit this cool skin tone. It’s all too yellow. Powwww, that guy wearing orange was glaring on him. Once you learn, you do mental exercises with every person you see.

The image consulting course aims to do just that. It teaches you how to improve people’s image and, obviously, not everyone is going to take the course. So if you can, hire a consultant. If you can’t, at least we’ll give you a basic outline of how simple and easy it is to identify which colors look best on you.

Skin tones don’t matter.

It sounds like sugar, but it’s not. Identifying our skin tone is not always so simple. Common sense shows that this country is mixed and that there are millions of discussions about quotas etc. etc. etc.

Finally, we will work with light, medium and dark tones, to avoid discussions, polemics or anything else that goes into the question of ethnicity.

But do you know why else we’re going to do this? Because it’s not your skin tone that determines the colors you should wear, but your undertone. You can be a “white”with a warm undertone or a white with a cool undertone. Ahahahaah, I’ve anticipated a few things there. Okay, let’s go!

Skin undertones rule.

Fuck! Skin undertone? I’d never even heard of it. Well, from now on you should pay more attention to it, because your undertone will determine which clothes look best on you, which dyes to use on your beard or hair, etc.

And that makes a difference. For example:The shirt the guy is going to wear to the gala ball. Let’s do everything we can to favor it, shall we? It’s the evening. And it can help you. That’s why we’re going to enlist the help of visagism.

There are basically two skin undertones:warm (summer) or cool (winter). There’s already a 50% chance that you’ll get your undertone right.

Identifying your undertone.

There are several ways to identify your skin undertone. We’ll give you 3 quick tips that won’t leave you in any doubt.

Tip no. 1:When you sunbathe, do you look like a toasted bell bell pepper or the “color of sin”?

This is one of the steps, but it raises a lot of questions. It must be coupled with the other two items to be presented

When you sunbathe moderately, you don’t want to get sunburned, otherwise your skin won’t be able to withstand it. Everyone gets very red. In other words, the time of exposure, the number of hours and the season all give rise to doubts. But anyway…

If you turn red in the sun, your skin undertone is cold and you’ll never get a tan. Now, if you get a tan when you sunbathe (brunette or white cast), your skin undertone is warm.

Tip no. 02:This isn’t an anatomy lesson, but what do your forearm veins look like?

First of all, I didn’t even know there were differences between the veins in the forearm. I was shocked! But believe me, there are. The forearm veins These can be of two types:greenish and yellowish or pinkish, bluish and purple.

Yellowish or greenish veins mean that your undertone is warm. Pink, blue or purple veins mean your undertone is cool.

Tip 3:The test that never fails.

If you hire an image consultant, they’ll do a test with you, but there’s nothing to stop you from doing it yourself.

You’ll only need 2 (two) fabrics (one orange and one pink);a mirror or better still, WORK WITH PICTURES, the cell phone can take the place of a mirror;and the help of your best friend forever.

Orange fabric represents warm colors, while pink fabric represents cool colors.

You will take the piece of fabric and put it in front of your chest as if it were a blouse. The one that looks best on you (bringing out the brightness of your skin, your hair and standing out positively) will represent your skin undertone. The one that doesn’t match your undertone when compared to the one that looks good will reveal other characteristics such as skin blemishes or won’t enhance your physical beauty.

Matched with pink fabric, its undertone is cool. Matched with orange fabric, your undertone is warm.

Hahahah with that I’ve already anticipated colors that will look best on you. What do warm undertones go with? Warm colors. Cool undertones with cool colors.

Here is the color chart for warm skin undertones (HOT COLORS):

Color chart for cool skin undertones (COLD COLORS):

Dude, all this is to help you choose your colors. But it’s obvious that if you want something more specific, you need to hire an image consultant or a visagist.

This part of colorimetry is very complex, so much so that there are warm or cool blues, warm or cool reds and so on. Therefore, within the shades of blue themselves, some go with cool undertones and others with warm undertones. So the help of a specialist is the best option.

Tell me something, did you know all this existed? Who knew about skin undertones? And the techniques? Crazy stuff, right broww? But now that we know, we’re just going to put on some fabric that will help improve our look, because we really want to look good.

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