21 items that women hate men wearing

I’ve listed the pieces that have been repeated the most and serve as a warning to think twice before wearing them, especially if your aim is to please a woman.

Camiseta Regata

I’m a big fan of tank tops and will always defend them! But women, at least most of them, don’t seem to like them very much. The highlight was the very thin tank tops (like the one in the photo above).

Some approve of wearing them to the gym or on the beach, others not at all. And another warning for those who are very hairy:the tank top was abolished on this occasion.

Running shoes in a casual look

In this I agree with the women, running shoes in a casual look are very bizarre. The highlight is the models with performance technologies, especially the Nike Shox.

What has been released are casual sneakers with a sporty spirit (New Balance, Yeezy, etc.).

Large pieces (leftover fabric)

Baggy, ill-fitting garments and, above all, those with too much fabric are hated by women. It’s actually a mistake that many men make and it’s worth paying attention to!

Underwear on show

It’s not something I see a lot on the street, but many women have mentioned it. Underwear showing, regardless of the brand, is a turn-off for them and reflects sloppiness.

It’s worth remembering that the US has introduced a fine for those who wear underpants with their underwear showing ( see here ).

White socks

White socks also appeared in the survey. They are designed for sports, so they don’t go well with casual looks. In a social look, they should be avoided!

Unless you’re Michael Jackson.

Team shirt

On the pitch they’re a hit, even with the women. But outside the stadium they don’t please!

If you really like a team, save the shirt to wear at the stadium or when you go to a bar or event to cheer them on. In everyday life, especially at work or on a date with a girl, avoid wearing them.


Sneakers also appeared a few times in the survey. It’s a model that doesn’t bring authenticity to the look and usually has a very strange design.

Gola V T-shirt (deep)

V-neck t-shirts are cool and they approve. The only caveat is the deeper ones, especially for men with large chest hair.

Knee-high socks

The knee-high sock is also a controversial garment. Although it brings a “street”and even “old school”style, it makes most women turn up their noses.

Beach shorts (off the beach)

On the beach they are approved, but off the beach women are asking men to avoid them!

Even for men with a surfer style, there are casual pieces that convey the same spirit without having to be beach shorts.

Striped polo shirt with big horse

Striped and/or large-horse polo shirts are rightly hated by women.

There are many better models that will help you get out of the “lame”/ dad-with-no-style style.

Worth a read this post with tips on the subject .

Juliet glasses

Juliet’s glasses also received a lot of criticism. Not because it was mirrored, but because of the whole thing!

If you’re not cool enough to carry off the style, steer clear of these glasses. Especially if you’re using it to try and win over a “creamy”girl.

Old and childish underwear

Slip underwear is the most hated by women, mainly because they look childish. Another detail pointed out by the girls was the old and frayed ones. They find them extremely disgusting!


Although they came back into fashion during Carnival, they are still hated by women.

Abadá out of Carnival

It’s a very difficult garment to see men wearing, but they claim to have seen several men risking wearing abadás outside Carnival! If you’ve ever done this in your life, I forgive you, but sin no more!

V-neck and drawstring

One girl pointed it out and more women disapproved! It’s a specific model of T-shirt/blouse with a deep v-neck and a drawstring closure.


The controversial Crocs also appeared in the survey. They really don’t like them!

I think they’re extremely comfortable, but I confess they’re strange. The good thing is that the brand has created several models that are very different from the sandal that became world famous and hated.

Ah, it’s worth remembering that if you’re going to sunbathe, avoid wearing Crocs:

Lace as a belt

I confess I’ve never seen this before, but I found some pictures online! Shoelaces really belong on shoes, not replacing a belt.

Sweater on the shoulders

Wearing sweaters or any kind of knitwear on the shoulders is very “tacky”and “lame”for them.

So avoid cosplaying João Dória in the street!

Saruel pants

Some have called it the “Aladdin pants”, but the point is that they don’t like the saruel pants.

Straight-brimmed cap

The straight-brimmed cap was also very popular with women. They don’t like this accessory very much, especially for men who don’t “carry off”the street style.

Remember:Be yourself!

These are the main pieces mentioned, but it’s important to remember that just like them, who say they dress for themselves and not for others, we also have this habit. So it’s worth knowing what they don’t like, but it’s also important to be yourself (always!).

Wear what makes you feel good and what suits your style. That’s the great fun of fashion!

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