5 brands of Minoxidil to grow your hair and beard!

If there’s one thing (subject) that guys love to know about, it’s how to avoid hair loss or prevent baldness. Hair involves self-esteem, health and personal care. And it’s that old story:although they like bald men best, nobody wants to go bald.

And in order not to lose their hair, men will do anything. Remember that 50% (fifty percent) of men suffer from baldness, which can be due to a wide variety of reasons:genetics, stress, poor diet, illness, etc. Whatever your reason, you want to prevent your hair volume from decreasing, your hair from falling out or you from becoming “the naked hill”for good.

Minoxidil has been much sought after by everyone and has been very effective, according to reports from several readers, in combating baldness, filling in gaps and growing hair in certain areas (especially in the beard).

How does Minoxidil work?

O Minoxidil has a vasodilating action, increasing blood circulation and consequently the absorption of nutrients. This also increases the phase from birth to hair growth.

The product can also be used by women, but it’s usually women who surrender to it. Minoxidil .

The best brands of Minoxidil that can be found in Brazil are:

Minoxidil da Kirkland
Minoxidil da Rogaine

To use the product, it is always important to consult a dermatologist. They will be able to recommend the best brand or the one with the best cost x benefit for your case.

In our tests, the best option was Minoxidil 5% da Kirkland (which is the best seller in the world).

How to use it?

With clean, dry hair, apply to the area where there are gaps or missing hairs. If you want to use it on your beard (to make it grow), do the same procedure on the area where there are gaps or missing hairs.

Apply a small amount of 1 ml to the area, then massage with your fingertips to spread the product well. Don’t forget to wash your hands after application. Finally, don’t apply anything else to the area for 4 hours after you’ve applied the Minoxidil lotion, as it needs to act.

Repeat this process at least twice a day for at least 90 days.

To see results, you will need to repeat this minoxidil treatment process for 6 months to 1 year.

Have you ever used Minoxidil ? Did you feel any results? Tell us which brand (or formulation) you used and how it went.

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