5 colors of pants that every man should have in his closet

Although we can imagine an infinite palette of colors, when it comes to menswear the palette narrows down. When we think of the bottom, it narrows down even more and when we’re talking about men’s pants, it gets very narrow. Notice that it’s an inverted pyramid.

Please feel free to vary whenever you like and use what you like best.

Here are some suggestions of colors that every man should have in his closet (at least these 5!!!) because they are considered to be wild cards, easy to combine and that allow you to have a minimum number of pieces, forming the desired capsule closet, which we’ve already talked about here.

These 5 colors are like beans and rice, all-purpose or be a bá, you know? They go with everything and allow you to make multiple combinations with just one piece of each.


Jeans are jeans. It doesn’t matter. They go well with everything. It’s just that the wash, cut and trims make a big difference. If you can’t have too many, opt for classic models with simple cuts and no washes or trims.

Dark jeans are the most democratic of all the different types of denim, as they can be worn even on more formal occasions (for example, when the required attire is sportswear) with a blazer and dress shoes.

Jeans claro

If you have dark jeans, you should also have light ones. This allows for changes and variations.

Light denim is more casual and limits itself when it comes to less casual looks.

It looks good on a day-to-day basis, in street style, with basic pieces or anything that allows for relaxed looks. And not that it’s a rule, but between dark jeans and dark denim, opt for dark denim (because it looks much better) when putting together looks mixed with tailoring.


Black is an X piece, ready to go into any outfit. It goes with every other color, in other words, it looks good with everything. In this case, in addition to black jeans, we can opt for black chino pants, which are usually a great option for putting together looks.

Black is a color that has been in fashion or that fashionistas like. Everyone is wearing it because it looks good with everything. You can wear it and abuse it.


If we’re talking about black, we couldn’t leave out white. White is another neutral color that goes with everything (in theory, you see).

Why do we say that white goes with everything in theory? Because unlike black, which really does go with everything, we have to be careful when pairing it with white jeans or twill pants.

Total off-white only looks good with street style pieces, cool accessories and if the color is worn in a relaxed way. Unfortunately, wearing white on everything is reminiscent of health professionals.

White and light colors don’t make cool combinations either.

Earthy tones

Earthy tones (brown, caramel and mustard) are shades that appear all winter long. Pants are a winter item, especially here in Brazil where spring/summer is a scorcher. So for a change from jeans and neutral colors, let’s have at least one pair of pants in earthy tones.

In that case, it has to be chino pants. No jeans. Caramel, brown or mustard chinos are a type of trouser that also goes with almost everything. They’re super easy to wear.

You can wear leopard or silver pants however you like. The suggestions above are about those types of pants that allow a maximum number of combinations, a minimum number of mistakes and a great possibility of saving money when it comes to investments. We hope we’ve helped you and see you next time.

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