Castor oil for the skin:The elixir of beauty!

If you’re looking for a beauty elixir to add to your beauty routine, it’s worth adding this little guy, the oil of rhicinus .

Unlike conventional creams, oils provide intensive care, guaranteeing hydration and great versatility.

Castor oil, for example, can be used as an extra emollient for hair, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes and even nails. Facial skin that is dry can also benefit from natural care.

What is Castor Oil?

O oil of rhicinus is obtained from the seeds of the castor bean, which grows mainly in tropical regions. Its high-quality active ingredients make the oil so popular for skin and hair. Cold-pressed castor oil consists mainly of ricinoleic acid and is rich in vitamin E and valuable fatty acids.

Castor oil for anti-ageing treatment

O oil of rhicinus is well known for its effects oxidizers . When applied to the skin, it protects against harmful environmental influences and therefore prevents premature ageing of your skin. It also increases collagen production and makes the skin firmer overall. With regular use oil of rhicinus can even reduce age-related pigment spots. So the perfect extra care for dry and mature skin.

Castor oil for skin care:Learn how to use it

If you want to use oil of rhicinus as a facial care product, it should be applied at night. Of course, you can use it at other times, but it takes a while to be fully absorbed and will therefore leave your skin –for a while –looking “greasy”.

How to use it perfectly

In the first step, cleanse your face (using a toner or even washing with a face soap). Then apply and rub the drops of oil between the palms of your hands and gently distribute them on the skin of your face. You can apply the oil to your skin using circular movements. Wash off the next morning with cold or lukewarm water.

Pay attention when buying:

If you are buying a oil of rhicinus (or castor oil), make sure you choose one that is cold-pressed or virgin. This is because oils are hardly heat-resistant. If they are obtained in any other way, many of their special active ingredients will be lost. Also choose a quality organic oil, free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

So, do you already use castor oil to care for your beauty?

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