The ideal sunglasses for your face shape

This is a question that comes up in many people’s minds. So much so, that it’s -literally- in the person’s face that they didn’t know how to choose the right sunglasses when they bought them, or that they didn’t even pay attention to models, shapes, combinations and arrangements.

Just stopping to look at the proportions (big and small) isn’t enough. Of course, that’s the minimum, but some people don’t even do that. The result:the glasses are totally disproportionate to the face.

Whenever we work with ideal pieces of clothing or accessories, we need to be self-aware of your physical biotype.

Again, I insist on saying that the help of specialists can contribute to this stage of getting to know and discovering your individual characteristics. Therefore, the help of professionals such as visagists and personal stylists (I found that plural difficult!) is essential.

Basically, within visagism, there are 6 main face shapes. They are:square face, rectangular face, round face, oval face, triangular face and heart or inverted triangle face.

Why do we talk about 6 main face shapes? Because there are some who fall somewhere in between. When this happens, pay attention to the lines of your face. In this case, notice whether they are more or less angular and whether they make your face more or less round.

So let’s move on to the second step in achieving visual balance between the garment and your face, which is choosing the right garment for your face type.

First of all, the story that glasses can’t cover your eyebrows isn’t true. What you shouldn’t do is make your glasses so big that your facial expressions don’t show.

The possibilities for glasses are endless, but we’re going to mention the main models that are most in vogue at the moment, such as square, round, retro, clubmaster, aviator, wayfarer, etc.

Square face:

The square face has great symmetry between height and width, being practically equal. The chin is well defined and the jaw has a very strong line, the same size or almost the same size as the forehead.

This is a ruthless tip to begin with. In general, you want to break up the lines of your face a little. That’s why those with very round faces should wear glasses with straight lines and vice versa…In the case of squares, the lines should be more rounded, leaning towards the round. NOW THAT’S EASY, ISN’T IT?

Therefore, those with a square face should wear rounder glasses.

Models that match:Aviator, round, retro and other more rounded models.

Rectangular face:

The rectangular face differs from the square face only in that its height is greater than its width, but the lines are the same as those of the square face, so the tips are repeated.

Models that match:Aviator, round, retro and other more rounded models.

Rosto redondo:

The round face is very characteristic:circular, like the shape of a ball. It doesn’t have angular features, with a defined forehead, chin and jaw.

To break up the shape of the face, we have to use straight lines here and glasses without rounded shapes.
Models that match:Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Square.

Rosto Oval:

Although it has similar features to the round face, the oval face has nothing to do with it. Because it’s longer and more elongated, it’s the perfect face for choosing sunglasses, as it suits all types of glasses.

Matching models:All.

Triangular and inverted triangle faces:

Here we have two types of face. The triangular and the inverted triangle. The two are opposite, but have the same lines. They have well-defined angles. So the bet is on pieces that aren’t too straight. The frame should be the same width or slightly narrower than the forehead. Use lower temples.

Models that match:Aviator, round and retro.

You can only go wrong now if you want to, can’t you? Let’s enjoy the sun with the most stylish, modern, fashionable and, above all, harmonious glasses.

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