Types of moustache

Moustaches, also known as “short beards”or “shadows”, are styles of facial hair that grow above the lips. This peculiar and iconic expression of masculinity has accompanied human history over the centuries. Whether as a symbol of status, style, or simply a personal fashion choice, the moustache has left its mark on cultures and the collective imagination.

Since time immemorial, men have cultivated different styles of moustache, which vary in shape, size and thickness. In ancient times, Egyptian pharaohs and Roman emperors sported elaborate moustaches as a sign of power and leadership.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, such as India, the moustache was considered a symbol of wisdom and respect.

Throughout history, the moustache has also gained prominence in specific eras. During the Victorian era, the moustache was a central element of men’s fashion, with styles such as the “English moustache”and the “handlebar moustache”being extremely popular. These hair expressions became trademarks of elegant and respectable gentlemen.

At the turn of the 20th century, the moustache continued to evolve. Adolf Hitler’s famous moustache sadly became emblematic of a dark period in history, tarnishing the reputation of this facial expression. However, many other leaders, artists and famous personalities have also adopted the moustache as part of their identity, demonstrating its versatility and diversity.

Popular culture has also played an important role in popularizing moustache styles. Iconic film characters, such as Charlie Chaplin with his “brush”style moustache or the video game character Mario with his thick moustache, have become recognizable symbols all over the world.

Over time, the popularity of the moustache may have had its ups and downs, but it has never been forgotten. Nowadays, we see a resurgence in moustache fashion, with modern men adopting a variety of vintage and contemporary styles. The moustache has become a way of expressing individuality, a way of adding a distinctive touch to one’s appearance.

In addition to fashion, moustaches also play a significant role in awareness-raising events. The “Movember” for example, encourages men to grow a moustache during the month of November, with the aim of raising awareness about men’s health and raising funds for research into prostate cancer and other health issues.

In short, the moustache transcends mere facial hair. It is a historical symbol, a cultural manifestation and a style icon that spans generations. Whether it’s to show off personality, honor traditions or important causes, the moustache will continue to adorn the lips of men all over the world, adding a dash of charm and character to the wearer’s face.

Some of the best-known types of moustache:

English Mustache

A short moustache, usually no longer than the width of the mouth, with the tips turned up slightly.

Bigode Chevré (Chevron Mustache)

A wide, thick moustache that covers the upper part of the lip, without the tips curving upwards.

Bigode Dali (Dali Mustache)

Inspired by the famous painter Salvador Dali, this moustache is thin and long, with the tips curving upwards at a sharp angle.

Bigode Handlebar

A moustache with long, upward-curving tips, often reminiscent of bicycle handlebars.

Bigode Lampshade (Lampshade Mustache)

A thick, straight moustache that covers the entire upper lip, with no curved ends.

Bigode Walrus (Walrus Mustache)

A large, thick and full moustache that covers most of the upper lip and resembles the tusks of a walrus.

Bigode Fu Manchu

This moustache is characterized by having long, straight ends that extend down beyond the chin.

Bigode Horseshoe (Horseshoe Mustache)

This style of moustache extends down the sides of the upper lip to the chin, resembling the shape of a horseshoe.

Bigode Pencil (Pencil Mustache)

A very thin and narrow moustache, usually well-trimmed, which extends along the upper lip.

Bigode Reto (Straight Mustache)

A simple, straight and generally medium-thick moustache with no upward or downward curving ends.

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